Angiology and No Invasive Vascular Diagnostic Division

Angiology started in 2000 as a small laboratory and it grew to become a Division of Angiology in 2009. The Division of Vascular Surgery is on the same floor as Angiology making for better and more effective collaboration between the surgeons and angiologists. The Angiology staff is made up of three internist who are employed in Vascular Surgery, two  R. N. nurses and two nurses. There is one reception area for both Divisions. The surgeon has by his side an internist who helps in the preparation of patients before the operation and also in dealing with the recovery. The decision to employ Internists as part of the vascular team was at that time risky, but it turned out to be a good decision and in the following years it allowed for many important projects to develop in follow-up and prevention that probably never would have been done.

Vascular Diagnostic Lab

  • Echocolordoppler for internal and outpatients, management of deep venous thrombosis
  • Pre-surgery diagnosis, management and follow up of carotideal pathology
  • EVAR’s follow up
  • A.A.A… wanted Project

Outpatients clinic

  • Angiology check up
  • Treadmill test, ABI, TBI, oximetry
  • Advanced  medications – vasoactive therapy
  • Post surgery follow up
  • Ambulatory for Peripheral Arteriopathy and Diabetic Foot Arteriopathy Study


  • Iatrogenic femoral artery pseudoaneurysm treatment by echoguided fibrin glue injection


REGULATION  N. 1563 30th DECEMBER 1999
  • First steps in organizing the "DIVISION of VASCULAR SURGERY”

    • Identify 10 medical beds to be dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease, also in view of the prevalence of these degenerative diseases in the elderly population;
    • Delegate 10 beds in the Department for Functional Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases;
    • Identify two internists and make them responsible for the clinical activity described;
    • Build up the" laboratory for vascular diagnosis" with a doctor who is responsible that belongs to the "Division of Vascular Surgery" –General Director Ugo Zurlo